Canada Has Opened World’s Longest Hike Trail

Canada has opened its own World’s Longest Hike Trail. The Great Trail of Canada which is 24,000 KM long.

The Great Canadian hike connects 13 Province and Territories.

 It has everything to offer a person can think of e.g. hiking, cycling, paddling, riding, cross-country skiing and snowmobile, etc.

This will be the longest trail in the world which offers a wide range of recreational activities in different areas such as rural, wilderness, urban, roads, or waterways.

This trail was also called “The Trans Canada Trail” (TCT) which was officially renamed to “The Great Trail” in Sept 2016.

The highest Elevation point in “The Great Trail of Canada” is 2185 m and the lowest point is Sea Level.

Trail difficulty is Variable which means it is a mix of Beginner, Intermediate and Expert levels.

This longest multi-use trail network consists of more than 400 community trails.

Mile 0 of the trail is outside the Railway Coastal Museum in St. John’s – Newfoundland.

The Great hike
Photo: Ali Kazal

This great hike will be an adventure of a lifetime with fascinating stories to tell. Are you up for this?

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