New Hotel Off Newfoundland Is Deemed One Of The Best Remote Stays Worldwide

Are you interested in getting away from it all? One of the worlds most remote hotels has opened up in Newfoundland Canada off the east coast and it is one of the best opportunities to experience iceberg alley. Fogo Island Inn recently earned a title amongst the top 10 remote places to stay worldwide. Fogo is named as an island off an island and it is known for its gorgeous views of iceberg alley, whale sightings and more.

The hotel itself contains 29 rooms and it is built off a rocky coastline with chic rooms and modern architecture. The inn looks as though it is a spaceship against the rugged beauty of the natural area. The fine dining restaurant ensures that you can enjoy a world class meal with your view.

With stays starting at $1981 per night, this is not a budget Inn by any standard. Each of the 29 rooms comes with modern conveniences and some of the most stunning views you may ever see along the east coast. Gathering countless awards from the trip advisor certificate of excellence to Andrew Harper’s top 20 hideaway worldwide, The Mirror’s recent mention of Fogo at the top of remote destinations worldwide has put it into the spotlight.

With its sustainable style and ongoing dedication to service, since it opened in 2013, Fogo Island Inn has been one of the most exclusive and beautiful accommodations on the Newfoundland east coast and In Canada.

Getting to the island requires a direct charter or booking with the local gander ferry service. Once on the island, you can enjoy a wide range of guided tours, sauna and hot tub experiences, and more.

Check out their website if you are interested in booking your stay at the inn today or to dream about your ultimate isolated vacation.

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