Why Canada Is A Great Place To Live

Canada is indeed a country that should serve as an example to the world, along with other developed territories on the globe. Living in Canada is the dream of many looking for better living conditions. Only those who have spent time in Canadian lands, visiting, studying, and living know how efficient and egalitarian the True North society is. Of course, nothing is perfect and what can be incredible for one person and weigh a lot when it comes to the quality of life, may not make much of a difference for another.

However, against numbers and facts, there are no arguments. Canada is a wonderful country to live in. Annually, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) conducts a survey that elects countries with the best quality of life. Last year, Canada ranked sixth, behind regions like Denmark, Australia, and Switzerland.

There are several other reports and rankings made around the world by credible bodies. Canada occupies a good position in all of them.

Below we have grouped some good reasons to live in Canada:


You will feel safe walking with your latest generation laptop on the subway or using the device in a public square, cafes, and even simply on a bench on the sidewalk. In addition, the houses do not have bars or gates. The ones that build them are usually extremely low to delimit the area, garden, or let the animals loose.

Employment and opportunities

For all educational levels, Canada offers job opportunities with competitive and fair wages. To give you an idea, the unemployment rate, according to the last report released in April this year, maintained a positive record. The figure was 5.8%, the lowest level recorded since 1976, according to data from Statistics Canada.

Another very relevant point that makes the country in the Northern Hemisphere much better in terms of jobs and opportunities is the average weekly earnings and the minimum wage. The latter varies according to each province, but in all of them the worker can afford basic expenses if he works full time for 40 hours a week.


Whether to open a bank account, a company, hire an employee, rent or buy property, among other procedures, Canada has objective and organized processes. Everyone who wants to purchase a property, for example, goes through some steps, it works to open a bank account, regardless of their balance in it. The endless bureaucracy that sometimes prevails in Brazil, does not exist in Canadian lands. Another important point that demonstrates the organization of the site is the road infrastructure, conservation, the public transport system and the preparation for the coldest days of the year.

Why Canada Is A Great Place To Live

Respect: individuality, choices and diversity

In order to have an idea of ​​the respect for each person’s personal choices and individuality, candidate for job interview should not put on the Canadian curriculum his age, whether he is married or not and if he has children, in addition to being illegal to ask this type of question in an interview, what matters to companies is the employee’s skills and not aspects of his or her personal life. Furthermore, “sorry” is a language addiction in the country and Canadians are reputed to be very polite, and indeed they are.

Respect for diversity is present in various sectors, such as relationships with foreigners, people of different ethnicities and homosexuals. Just out of curiosity, Canada was the fourth country in the world to legalize gay marriage in 2005.

Natural beauty and cultural life

Canadian nature, together with its diversity of festivals and cultural programming happening throughout the year, attracts several tourists, in addition to being a full plate for residents, who always attend what happens in the city in addition to visiting beauties of the national territory.

With regard to nature, the concern with environmental preservation is very strong and is present in all years of basic education. The country is home to several natural parks, preserved and open to visitation in government managed reserves, in addition to having outdoor activities for all tastes.

Good economy

In constant economic growth, needing labor for the most diverse occupations and with an inflation that does not exceed 2%. This is the scenario of the Canadian economy. Interest rates are low and controlled by the system known as inflation targeting, implemented in 1990, which allows citizens to have financial stability.

According to data from Statistics Canada, in 2016 the Canadian economy grew by 1.4%, being the tenth-largest in the world, according to its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). And yet by the World Economic Forum survey, the country ranks 12 the place in the ranking of competitiveness.

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